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I was born in New York City and have lived there most of my life. I had a career in clinical psychology, psychoanalysis and university teaching.


In 2008, I began to take photography classes at The International Center of Photography. In addition, I have studied at The Maine Media Workshops as well as privately with a number of photographers.


My primary interest is street photography. I was a competitive amateur golfer for most of my life and I treat street photography as a sport. Usually a warm up period is required and once some momentum is established, occasionally, there is a very good shot among many forgettable ones. On rare days, I might fall into that elusive state of “being in the zone.”


Initially, I made portraits on the street by approaching strangers and asking permission to take their picture. However, my style has gradually evolved into attempting more candid street scenes where I strive toward creating pictures that show interaction, movement, and layers, often revolving around one or more people. All too often, I settle for a candid portrait but the goal keeps me going.


Photo by: Russ Rowland

Awards Highlights


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Finalist in Individual Photo, Brussels Street Photography Festival (2023)

Solo Exhibition, "Streets" Garage Gallery, Beacon, NY (2023)

Solo Show, New York City Subway, Gastfeld Gallery, Germany (2023)

Finalist, Critical Mass_2022 (2022)

Lucie Foundation: Finalist (2022)

Lens Culture Street Awards: Finalist and 3rd Place Winner (2020), Top 100 (2016)


Miami Street Photography Festival: Finalist (2017) (2018), Finalist and Winner (2020)


San Francisco Streetfoto Festival (streets of SF): Finalist (2018, 2020), Cage Match Winner (2017)


PDN “Faces”: Self-Portrait Winner (2019), Winner, Portrait (2018)


LACP, Street Shooting Around the World: Winner (2020), Finalist (2018), (2021)


London Street Photography Festival:  Finalist (2019)


Italian Street Photography Festival (2021, 2022)

Guides Association of NYC: Winner (2017) and Nominated (2023) for Outstanding Achievement in NYC Photography


Soho Photo National Photography Competition: Winner (2015, 2021)


Pollux Awards: Street Division, Winner (2019, 2023)


Winner First Place, TDM Awards (2021)


Paris International Street Photography Awards: Finalist (2020, 2021)


Istanbul Street Photography Awards: Finalist (2020)

Complete List of Exhibitions, Shows & Awards


For more details please visit NEWS


** Juried

"New York State of Mind" Exhibition, The Street Soup Gallery, Italy**

Honorable Mention, 21st Pollux Awards, Urban Awards, FotoNostum Gallery, Spain**

"Isolation", "Personality: Contemporary Portraiture" Exhibition, Winner of Curator's Choice Award, PH21 Gallery, Hungary**

"Birds Over Central Park", F Stop Magazine, Cities Edition, 2024**


"Shopping in Soho", Street Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Greece**


"Green Juice", Portrait: Self and Others Exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont**


"Bookstore", Dublin Street Photography Festival, Ireland**


** Juried

"Soho", Honorable Mention, 2023 Tokyo International Foto Awards, Japan**

"Soho_NYC" "Knock Out" and "Marilyn", Honorable Mention, Xposure Festival, Paris International Street Phtoography Awards (PISPA), 2023, Emirates of Sharjah**

"Moon Over Manhattan", Bronze Winner, Budapest International Foto Awards_2023, Hungary**

"From My Window", Finalist, Dodho Magazine, Online Edition 2023**

"Marilyn", Among the "Winners", AAP Magazine, 2023 Street Edition**


"Knockout", Finalist (Single Image), Street Photographers Foundation Awards 2023**

"Balthazar" and "Sweetgreen", Dolling Up The Lens Exhibition: Barbie, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary**

"Clouds", Second Annual Exhibition, APA-NY, Soho Photo Gallery, 2023**


"Marilyn" "Soho_NYC" and "Down for the Count", Honorable Mention, Pollux Awards, FotoNorstum Gallery, Barcelona, Spain**


"Hands", Eyeshot Open Call, Semi-Finalist, 2023**

"Photographer and Pigeons", Official Selection & Honorable Mention, 20th International Photo Awards (IPA), New York City 2023**

NYC Subway, Finalist in Series Division, Honorable Mention, PSPI Street Festival, Pisa, Italy 2023**

"Skeleton" The Decisive Moment Exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT 2023**


"Me Multiplied" Honorable Mention, Portrait: Self & Others Exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT 2023**

"Selfie" Water Exhibition, A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX**


"Streets" Solo Exhibition, Garage Gallery, Beacon, NY**


"Essex Street" Nominee in 16th Annual International Color Awards, 2023**

"Hands" Finalist in Individual Photo, Brussels Street Photography Festival 2023**

"Line on Fifth Avenue" 6th Chania International Photo Festival, Crete, Greece**


"Q Train" Honorable Mention, Between Worlds, Streetcollective-Hamburg, Germany*

"Hands" and "Selfie" F-Stop Magazine, Street Photography Exhibition_2023**

"Moon Over Manhattan" and "Winter in NYC" Urban Exhibition, PH21 GalleryBudapest, Hungary**

19th Pollux Awards 2023, WINNER for Street Division, Honorable Mention for Series, Honorable Mention for Individual Photo

"New York City Subway", Solo Show, Gastfeld Gallery, Bremen, Germany

"A Corner" Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in NYC Photography, GANYC Apple Award 2023, Guides Association of NYC**



** Juried

"Boys" "Essex Street" "Fifth Avenue" "Windex" Honorable Mention awards, Paris Street Photography Awards 2022**

Untitled (from Solitary Series), Portrait: Self and Others Exhibition, Photoplace website, permanent gallery**

"Q Train" 2nd Place Winner, American Photography Association-San Diego, Untitled_2022-A Photographic Exhibition, San Diego, CA**

"Q Train" FINALIST, Single Image Category, Eyeshot Open Call Exhibition, Rome, Italy**

Judge, The Wall, Cyprus, Greece

"Corner" Honorable Mention and "Check", Time Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary**

"Untitled" / Soho_NYC, 2nd Place Winner, Comeback: LACP Annual Members Exhibition, Los Angeles Center of Photography, CA**

"Moon Over Manhattan" and "Q Train", APA-New York, Soho Photo Gallery, New York City, NY**

"On The Line" WINNER, First Place in Colour Category, Progres Festival_Solitude - 2022, Milano, Italy**


"Shower" Constructions / Connections Exhibiiton, South x Southeast Gallery, 2022**


FINALIST, Portfolio of 10 Candid Street Photographs, PhotoLucida, Critical Mass_2022**

Co-Curator & Participant, 10 photos, Street Photography Invitational, Culture Lab LIC at Plaxall Gallery, 2022

"A Corner" 4th Place Winner, Your Best Shot 10th Anniversary Exhibition, New York Center for Photographic Art, Judite Gallery, 2022**

"Hands" FINALIST, PSPI 2022 Street Photography International Festival, Pisa, Italy 2022**

"Q Train" and "Soho" Picturing New York Exhibition, Soho Photo Gallery, 2022**

Urban Photo Awards 2022, Selected Photos for Street Division 2022**

"Q Train" Street Photographers Foundation Paris Exhibition, 2022**

"Q Train" FINALIST of Street Photography Category, Carte Blanche Open Call, Lucie Foundation 2022**

"Aeropostale" WINNER, Off The Clock, American Photographic Artists_Los Angeles (APA_LA) 2022**

"Waiting" It's a Dog's Life Exhibition, South x Southeast Gallery, Molena, Georgia 2022**

"Hands" FINALIST for Individual Photo, Italian Street Photography Festival, Rome, Italy 2022**

"New York City Subway" FINALIST for Series, Italian Street Photography Festival, Rome, Italy 2022**


"Q Train", Lens Culture New York Exhibition, Caelum Gallery, New York City, NY 2022**

"A Corner", 5th Cip Festival, Chania, Greece, 2022**

"Hauptbahnhof", Eighth Annual Street Photography Around thee World Exhibition 2022, Series Prize Honorable Mention, Los Angeles Center of Photography, 2022**

"Evening Sky" "Horse and Pigeons" "Gennaro Feast" "Mother and Daughter" "Orange Sky", 15th Annual International Color Awards, 2022**

"Dog on Shoulder", Remarkable Artwork Award, Siena Awards 2022 & Exhibition, Italy, 2022**

Dodho Magazine, Feature Story "New York City; Street Scenes by Paul Kessel" by invitation, March 2022

Street Photography Magazine, Cover Story & Interview as Featured Photographer, January 2022 Issue


"Entering the Opera" Looking Back: Soho Photos's First 50 Years, Soho Photo Gallery, NYC 2022



** Juried

Special Mention & Finalist "Q Train" Paris International Street Photography Awards, Paris, France, 2021**

"San Gennaro Feast" 'Streets', 22nd Edition of All About The Photo Magazine, 2021**


"Q Train" and "Soho" The Wall, Cyprus Photographic Society, Pafos Branch, Greece, 2021**

Winning Photographer, "Untitled" ("Q Train") Urban Photo Awards 2021, Trieste Photo Days Festival 8th Edition, Trieste, Italy, 2021**

Honorable Mention "Q Train" Siena Awards 2021, Street Division, Siena, Italy, 2021**


Honorable Mention "Cuba Libre" and "Smoke and Masks" OneShot: Street Photography, Public Events, IPA 2021**


First Place Winner "Soho" TDM Awards, 2021**


Winning Photographer (Finalist) "Untitled" ("Q Train") Urban Photo Awards 2021, Trieste Photo Days Festival 8th Edition, Trieste, Italy, 2021**


FINALIST "Q Train" Street Photography Awards 2021, Street Photographers Foundation, 2021**


"Brooklyn Navy Yard" Urban Landscapes Exhibition, South x Southeast Gallery, Molena, GA 2021**

Third Prize Winner, "USA" Los Angeles Center of Photography 7th Annual Members Exhibition, 2021**

FIRST PLACE WINNER, "Q Train" Soho Photo Gallery National Competition, 2021**


Juror's Choice Award Winner, "Q Train" The Streets Exhibition, Praxis Photo Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN 2021**


"Motion Stopped" Motion Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2021**

"Soho" BBA Photography Prize Exhibition, BBA Gallery, Berlin Photo Week, 2021**


Selected Photographer, Street Division, Bruce Gilden Prize contender, Urban 2021 Photo Awards, 12th Edition, 2021**


"Shower" Off the Clock 2021, American Photography Association, Los Angeles, CA 2021**

WINNER, Street Division, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, FotoNostum Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, 2021

FINALIST "Soho" Single Photo Contest, Italian Street Photography Festival, 2021**

MERIT WINNER "Q Train" The Mind's Eye, All About the Photo Awards, 2021**

HONORABLE MENTION "Q Train" Siena International Photo Awards, 2021**

FINALIST "Selfie" Miami Beach, Los Angeles Street Photography, LACP Exhibition and Street Festival, 2021**

FINALIST & 3RD PLACE "A Corner" Streets of San Francisco Division, Streetfoto San Francisco Festival, 2020 - 2021**

Honorable Mention "Q Train" 13th International Color Awards, 2021**

"Solitary" F-Stop Magazine, Self-Portrait Issue, 2021**

"Horse and Pigeons" Open Up Your Archives Exhibition, South x Southeast Gallery, Molena, GA 2021**

"Sign" and "Girls and Boy"  Feminine / Masculine Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2021**


WINNER 2ND PLACE "Q Train" AAP Magazine #15 - Streets, All About The Photo, 2020 - 2021**


WINNER 1ST PLACE "Q Train" Miami Street Photography Festival International Singles Contest, Miami, FL, 2020** 

FINALIST & HONORABLE MENTION (6 Photos), SILVER AWARD (1 Photo), "No Smoking" Paris International Street Photography Awards, Paris, France 2020** 

​​FINALIST "Soho" and "Q Train" Istanbul Street Photography Festival, Turkey, 2020** 


"True Believers" and "Sunflowers" Exploring Humanity Fifth Annual Fine Art Exhibition, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA 2020** 

"Q Train" International Photography Awards Honorable Mention, 2020** 

"Soho" Street Photography Competition Finalist, Independent Photographer, 2020** 

15th Pollux Awards 2020, Winner. Street Division (non-professional) for a Series, Barcelona, Spain, 2020**

15th Pollux Awards 2020, Honorable Mention. Self-Portrait Division, Barcelona, Spain, 2020**

Faces on Fifth 4th Edition & "Q Train" The Center for Book Arts, conceived and curated by Sherri Nienass Littlefield and Emilie Ahern, New York, NY 2020

"Crown Heights Subway" Texas Photographic Society's "International Competition", Juror Elizabeth Avedon, The Silos at Sawyer Yards, Houston and The Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene, TX, 2020**

"Stretch" and "Fashion"  Dis/harmony Exhibition, Juror Zsolt Batori, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2020**


"Flying" Finding Joy Galllery Exhibition, Juror Amy Holmes George, PhotoPlace Gallery, VT 2020**

"Untitled (Self-Portrait)" Staying Home Together, F-Stop Magazine in collaboration with dot ART, online 2020


"Library" PH21 Urban Exhibition, Juror Zsolt Batori, Spain, 2020**

3RD PLACE WINNER + FINALIST "Q Train" Lens Culture Street Photography Awards, 2020**

"Miami Beach" Selected Photographer for Urban 2020 Photo Awards, Trieste Photo Days, Italy, 2020**

"Q Train" Griffin Museum of Photography 26th Members Online Exhibition, Juror Paul Tognarelli, 2020**

AMONG THE WINNERS "Q Train" Colors 2020 Life Framer, Juror Marion Tande, 2020**


"Self-Involved" Portraits of Self-Isolation Exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery, online, 2020**


AMONG THE WINNERS "Soho" 2020 Soho Photo Gallery National Competition, 2020**

"Evil" Winner of Juror's Choice and "Knife" in the same "Imagination" Exhibition, PH 21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2020**

"Q Train" Los Angeles Center of Photography, "The Creative Portrait" Exhibition, Juror Paul Kopeikin, Los Angeles, CA 2020**

"Q Train" Honorable Mention, A.Smith Gallery "Portraits" Exhibition, Juror Elizabeth Avedon, Johnson City, TX 2020**

"San Gennaro Feast / NYC" and "Q Train / NYC" American Photographic Artists Los Angeles: 9th Annual "Off the Clock 2020" Exhibition and Catalogue, Los Angeles, CA 2020**


"Selfie / Miami Beach" Praxis Gallery "The Street" Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN 2020**

WINNER "Self-Portrait / 2012" PDN (Photo District News) "FACES" Awards 2019, online, 2020**

WINNER "Q Train / NYC" 6th Annual Street Shooting Around the World, Los Angeles Center of Photography,

Los Angeles, CA 2020**

A selection of photos, 14th Pollux Awards Collective Exhibition, Street Division, Barcelona, Spain 2020**

'Fill the Frame', a full length documentary film produced & edited by Tim Huynh, 2020

"White Pigeon / Old San Juan Puerto Rico" The 6th Annual Eyes on Main Street Photography Festival, Curated by Jerome De Perlinghi, Wilson, North Carolina, 2020


A selection of 13 photos, The Sympathetic Eye Exhibition, Curated by Susan Keiser, Beacon, New York, 2020


"Union Square / San Francisco" Street, 8th Edition of AAP Magazine, All About Photos Awards 2019, 2019**

"Horse and Pigeons" Exposurexpf, Part of Miami Street Photography, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2019**

"Coney Island Boardwalk" Photo Shoot: 2019 Exhibition, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2019**

"Apollo" and "Rally for Venezuela" Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards 2019, Susan Baraz, Chair of Jury Committee & other jurors, 2019**

"Woodstock Country Road" Scapes Exhibition, PH 21 Gallery, Hungary, 2019**

"American Unsplendor" and "Panda" FINALIST, London Street Photography Festival 2019, Stour Space and The Old Baths East London, 2019**


"Bus Stop," Among the Winners, Photo Chronicles, 2019


"Youth" Portraits Exhibition, South x Southeast Gallery, Molena, Georgia, 2019**


"Flag and More" Significant Colour Exhibition, Ph21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2019**


"SOHO" 13th Pollux Awards Collective Exhibition, Street Division, Barcelona, Spain 2019**

"The Rabbi" Water 2019 Exhibition, Juried by Elizabeth Avedon, Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT 2019**

"Saturday / Williamsburg" and "Pretty Girls / Bronx" Urban Dance Exhibition, Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, NY 2019**

"Fifth Avenue RED" Color Burst Exhibition, Black Box Gallery, Online Annex Gallery & Catalogue, Portland, Oregon 2019**

"Pigeon Rider" Soho Photo Gallery National Competition 2019, New York City, 2019**

"Coney Island" The Eyes on Main Street redisplay of Wilson, NC show, Joenju Photography Festival, South Korea 2019

"Brighton Beach" Short Street Stories, a Book and Exhibition: Trieste Photo Days, Italy, 2019**

"Frankfurt" Motion Exhibition, PH 21 Gallery, Hungary, 2019**


"American Unsplendor" A Color Moment Exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery & Permanent Online Gallery, 2019**

"Fence No.2" Urban Exhibition, PH 21 Gallery, 2019**


"Dancing / Bronx NY" Street Shooting Around the World Exhibition, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA, 2019**

"Pigeons" Reality and Perception: Photography at a Crossroad Tenth Annual Juried Photography Exhibition, Upstream Gallery, Hastings on Hudson, NY, 2019**

"Towering Above" "8th Avenue" and "Port Authority Bus Terminal" Small Works Show, Upstream Gallery, Hastings on Hudson, NY, 2019**  

"American Unsplendor" & "Panda" Honorable Mention, 12th Annual Pollux Awards Street Photography Division, Juror Philip Bookman, Barcelona, Spain, 2019**  

"Coney Island" The Eyes On Main Street Exhibition, Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival, 2019


"Wings II" Finalist, International Singles Contest, Miami Street Photography Festival 2018, History Miami Museum, December 2018**  


Street Photo Milano, Milan, Italy, 2019**

"Bedtime" Self-Portrait Exhibition, Online Gallery of PhotoPlace Gallery, 2018**

"Curled Up" Honorable Mention, Summer 2018 Contest & Exhibition, Juror Anne Jastrab, The New York City Center for Photographic Art, 2018**

"Prince Street / Soho" Amongst the 25 Winners of The Photo Independent On The Street Awards 2018, Juried Exhibition, The Reef Los Angeles, 2018**


"Museum Exhibit Opening" Interiors Exhibition, Juror Elizabeth Avedon, Smith Gallery 2018**


"Madison Avenue" Punctum Juried Exhibition, PH 21 Gallery, 2018**

"Curled Up At Coney" Photo Shoot: 2018 Gallery Exhibition, Juror Todd Johnson, Black Box Gallery 2018**

"Union Square" FINALIST. Streets of San Francisco Division, Jurors Fadi Boukaram, Ben Molina, Troy Holden, Streetfoto San Francisco International Street Photography Awards, Harvey Milk Photo Center 2018**

"Prince Street," “Midtown Construction,” "Coney Island Beach," "Meat Packing District," and "Miami Beach"  individually by invitation from Barbara Peacock Photography, Pure Street Photography Color Gallery 2018 (online)

"Wynwood Walls," Color Space Exhibition, Juror Todd Johnson, Black Box Gallery 2018**

“Companion,” Shots Magazine, Self-Portraits, Issue #139, Spring 2018** 

“Fifth Avenue,” Significant Colour exhibition juried by Zolt Batori, PH21 Gallery, 2018** 

“Disappearing Rabbi,” Honorable Mention in Portals 2018 Exhibition juried by Darren Ching, New York Center for Photographic Arts Online Gallery, 2018**

"Two Heads," Taking Pictures 2018 exhibition, Black Box Gallery On-Line Annex Gallery, 2018**


"Seagulls and Nathans", Beasts of the City group exhibition judged & curated by Andrew Garn, Wild Bird Fund, 2018**


"Opera Curtain", Just In Time exhibition juried by Krisztina Domjan and Zsolt Batori, PH21 Gallery, 2018**

"Hauptbahnhof", Small Works Baruch 2018 group exhibition juried by Elizabeth Avedon and Richard Timperio, Sidney Mishkin Gallery, 2018**

"Bus Stop" and "Mean Street", Street Shooting Around The World, Los Angeles Center of Photography, 2018**

"Double Finger", Street Shooting Around The World, Los Angeles Center of Photography Online Gallery, 2018**


"Dinner No.1", Staged, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, 2018**


"Disappearing Rabbi", Photography Takes Over, Upstream Gallery, 2018**

"Untitled", Let There Be Light and Shadow, The Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2018**

"Saturday", Street Photography, Blank Wall Gallery, 2018**

"Drummer Girl", Third Annual Creative Portrait Exhibition, Juried by Anne M. Jastrab,

Los Angeles Center of Photography 2017 - 2018**


"Untitled", Amongst the Winners, PDF Portrait Photography Contest 2017 'Faces' Jurors: Karen Frank, Melissa Geurts, Celine Grouard, Skye Gurney, Michele Hadlow, Michele Romero, Ilana Schweber, Tracey Woods**

"Wings", Finalist, Miami Street Photography Festival 2017, Jurors: Charalampos Kydonakis ("Dirty Harry"), Alison McCauley, Tavepong Pratoomwong, Tina Schelhorn, Rebecca Smeyne

History Miami Museum & Street Photo Milan**

"Drummer Girl", Third Annual Creative Portrait Exhibition, Juried by Anne M. Jastrab,

Los Angeles Center of Photography 2017 - 2018**

"Nanny and Child", Photocentric Exhibition, The Gilette Gallery of The Garrison Art Center, 2017**

"Drummer Girl", Portraits Exhibition, Juried by Elizabeth Avedon, South x Southeast Gallery, 2017**

"Coney Island", Photo Shoot 2017 Exhibition, Juried by Todd Johnson, The Black Box Gallery, 2017**

"Baden Baden", WINNER of Juror's Choice of Street Photo Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, 2017**

"The Last Stop" , Solo Exhibition Curated by Harvey Stein, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2017

"Disappearing Rabbi" , Portal Exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery, 2017**

"Veil" "Wings" "Cape" & "Fifth Avenue", Street Photography, South x Southeast Photo Gallery, 2017**

"Wings", WINNER of StreetFoto San Francisco Cage Match 2017

"Soho" and "South Williamsburg", Streetwise, Darkroom Gallery, 2017**

"Fifth Avenue", Chiaroscuro, Darkroom Gallery, 2017**

"Untitled", On The Street, 2nd Place Winner, Photo Independent and Fanthom Gallery, 2017**

"Wings", Off The Clock, Juried Exhibit curated by Elizabeth Avedon,

American Photographic Artists, 2017**

"Wings", Aviary, The Lafayette City Center Gallery & The Griffin Museum of Photography, 2017**

"Coney Island", WINNER, GANYC Outstanding Achievement in New York City Photography, 2017

"Aging" Family, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2017**




"Lens Culture Top 100 Street Photographers 2016",

"And One from Old San Juan"  A Solo Show Curated by Christopher Giglio, Pratt Institute, 2016**

"Retirement in Florida", 2016 Soho Photo Gallery National Competition, 15 White Street, 2016 **

"Copenhagen", Girls Girls Girls, 1650 Gallery, 2016 ** 

"Coney Island", Streetscapes, 1650 Gallery, 2016

“Alan”, Light and Shadow, Blackbox Gallery, 2016**

“True Believers”, Night, The Center For Fine Art Photography, 2016**

“True Believers”, The Grammar of Photography, Pratt Gallery, 2016**

“True Believers”, Nominee, GANYC Outstanding Achievement in Photography, 2016


~ 2015

“True Believers”, Illuminate, The Center For Fine Art Photography, 2015**

“Wings”, Animal World, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2015**

“Entering The Metropolitan Opera”, First Place, Soho Photo Gallery National Competition, 2015**

“Torn Stocking”, Metro Curates, The Metro Show, Metropolitan Pavilion, 2015

“Williamsburg Streets: Scenes and Portraits”, Fornino Williamsburg, 2014

“Torn Stocking” Off The Grid, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2014

“Sculpture on Fifth Ave” and “Saturday”, Kids Not Cute, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2014**

“Pigeon Park” and “Old San Juan”, Far Away Places, Darkroom Gallery, 2014**

“Williamsburg: Old and New”, Solo Exhibition, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2014

“Woman Sitting On Rock”, Brighton Beach Pictured, Brighton Beach Community Center, 2014**

“Blue Flamingo”, Eye On The Street, Kiernan Gallery, 2013**

“Care and Love” and “Take What You Can Get”, Sex and Love, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2013**

“Reunion”, Signs of Love, TBM Photography Network, 2013**

“Aging”,  Both Sides of The Lens: Self-Portraiture, Kiernan Online Gallery, 2012**

“The Putt”, Aging, TBM Photography Network, 2012**

“Coffee Shop”, Street View, Colorado Photographic Fine Arts Center, 2012**

“Sled” and “Woman With Straw Hat”, Soho Photo Gallery, 2012

“The Putt”, Home, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2012**

“New York City: 3 Views”, 2/20 Gallery, 2012

“Alone Together”, Dinner, Umbrella Arts Gallery, 2011**


** Juried

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